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The meaning of this site is to get to know God (better).
He has put His thoughts on paper for us.

Letters from God

The books of the Bible are letters from God to us, people.

The Bible is a very special book.
God lets Himself known through His Word. He shows us how very much He loves us. This love appears the most strong in Jesus Christ.
The books in the so-called Old Testament talk about Jesus. In the New Testament the stories are about the time Jesus was on this world, performed miracles and died, but we can also read that He was resurrected and is now in Heaven.
It is the Book of Love.

There is also history in the Bible and there are a lot of prophecies in it. Prophecy is a divine revelation on the near or far future. Many prophecies in the Bible were short term prophecies. They all were fulfilled but there are also long term prophecies. Some of them are about Jesus. A major part has already been fulfilled. We, who live about 2000 years after of Jesus Christ's coming, dying and resurrection, can see this clearly.
Then there are the prophecies which have not been fulfilled as yet. They are about the end of times. That is the time that Jesus will return to earth. That time is at hand.


The Bible also gives us guidelines for daily life. It is the handbook for our life. Do you want to know what Gods purpose is for your life, read the Bible. God speaks through the Bible, it is His Word.


If you not only want to listen but also want to talk to God, that is possible. We call this praying. It is just like talking with and to God. He listens.

Can everybody do this? Everybody who believes God exists can go to Him, that has been made possible by Jesus.

Jesus, the Way to God the Father

He called Himself "the way to the Father". There is only one way to come to God and that is through Jesus: The Way.
Do you wish to know more about this then read for example the Gospel according to John. It is the story of and about Jesus. It can be found in the New Testament, that is the second part of the Bible.

Go to the Gospel according to John

The complete Gospel according to John can also be found on this web site.

For: starters in faith

On this site are also subjects that might help you to get to know Jesus (better). They are meant for those who don't believe yet or just have been converted.

For: believers who knows Jesus for a while

For the believers who know Him already a longer time, there are subjects which are focused on getting to know God better. These bible studies are created in such a way that you learn to read and think about Gods thoughts. Everything which is in the Bible has been given to us by God to get to know His thoughts. If God had thought they were not important they would not been in it.

Everything fits perfectly together. It is like a jigsaw puzzle. The important things like "who is Jesus and what has He done for us" can be found by anyone without any Bible knowledge. We have to dig deeper to get to Gods inner thoughts. Every time we are busy with Gods thoughts we get enriched.

I hope that everybody who visits this site will be blessed by it. If you have any questions, please do send me an Email.

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Laurens Hoddenbagh

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